photo by Rory Doyle

Since 2009... 

Hey Joe's has remained committed to these three day-to-day constants:  quality food, craft beer, and original live music.  However, there's a whole lot more about Hey Joe's than meets the eye of simply being a great restaurant/bar/venue.  Aside from these things, our active commitment to the Mississippi Delta and Cleveland, Mississippi remain incomprehensible to mankind.  We're not even sure that we even understand it.  Our business hours are listed on the door as 11am-9pm, Monday-Saturday, and inside those regular business hours you're guaranteed to have an outstanding experience here.  However, our tireless dedication to the area doesn't hold regular countable business hours.  It is our mission to make our small little world a more enjoyable place for everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And, while we're proud of what we do on the surface, we are grateful for what your business allows us to do underneath it all for the region.

Executive Chef Weejy Rogers

gained his culinary experience the good old fashioned way, starting from the bottom of the restaurant rung as a dishwasher many many years ago and eventually working his way up to prep, fryer, saute, grill and beyond.  His craft was mastered as a sous chef in Fairfield, Iowa from 2007-2010 under Chef Ryan Kutter at The Fairfield Golf and Country Club, the oldest country club west of the Mississippi River. He came to Hey Joe’s in the Summer of 2010 and rotates the Hey Joe’s menu regularly while coming up with some of the best monthly burger recipes of all time. In his spare time, Chef Weejy is an avid writer, event coordinator, and venue booker for Keep Cleveland Boring and Hey Joe’s. He also plays a mean piano and is a huge fan of Ole Miss and the Memphis Grizzlies. A few of Weejy’s many mottos: Turn it before you burn it. The longer it sits, the better it gets. Don’t count your hatched chickens until they lay eggs.