Please note: Due to an overwhelming amount of bands trying to play here, we might not be able to respond to every email. Don't be offended by that. Most of the time, we try our best to direct bands to other venues within a 100 mile radius if we can't fit you in here. Venues that respect independent music like we do here. Cleveland is a small college town with a total population of 13,000 people. We've had shows here since our opening nearly 5 years ago so we've become very good at knowing what days are the best days to host traveling bands that have never played here. Those days (unless you've developed a good following here) are generally Friday and Saturday nights with the exception of some Tuesdays and some Thursdays. We book a certain way not just for ourselves, but also for you guys who are trying to book shows. We want every band to have a good experience here. Here's how we do things: Our idea is to have bands on nights where we will benefit and the bands will benefit. We're not the place where bands come, make a hundred bucks for gas and then leave, never to return again. We're the place where you have 50-100 people genuinely listening to every note coming out of the speakers and actually clapping when you finish a song. In the process of playing here, you can build a relationship with fans and sell some merch. We do things a certain way and on certain days because we know what works here. We know what works here because we have too and also because we've played hundreds of shows ourselves, and we know what it's like playing only to a wait staff rolling silverware or to a booking guy who's constantly acting like a jerk or to a crowd who's not paying attention. There are some awful places out there. We aren't one of those places. So if we don't answer an email, don't be offended. Just try us out the next time you or the band you're representing will be around.

Do you play original music? You wanna book a show? Drop us a line.

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